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  • What kind of canvas is used?
    Stretched Gallery Wrapped canvas - 1.25" inch thick frame structure - Can be hung as-is
  • What kind of paint is used and how is my painting protected?
    I use water-based acrylic paint and seal it with matte or gloss sealant.
  • What are the payments?
    A non-refundable down-payment of 25% is due at the beginning in order to initiate design/painting process, as well as, to purchase necessary supplies. Remaining balance will be paid when painting is complete For example: Painting Price - $1200 Non-Refundable Down-payment - $240 Shipping is included in the pricing.
  • How long will the painting take to complete?
    Paintings take from 2 weeks to 2 months depending on the size and amount of detail. Please keep in mind that my paintings are extremely detailed and require upwards of 40+ hours to create. I ensure that your piece will be created delicately as I do with my original paintings. “Completion Date” is not delivery or install date. The “completion date” is the date I submit an emailed photo of the artwork for you to approve.
  • Alterations
    I allow up to two changes to the digital design created. After this, a fee of $25 is added for each additional change. I allow up to two minor revisions/alterations to what I consider the “final Painting” prior to shipment of delivery. For more complex alterations and revisions, a fee of $100 is implemented and increases as complexity and/or the size of the area to be altered increases. An alteration or revision agreement will go into effect when the payment has been made (since in most cases the contract has already been signed).
  • What are your copyright rules?
    I reserve the common-law copyright to the artwork commissioned by the client. (use in portfolio, website, reproductions etc) *Copyright can be negotiated if artist chooses. An extra fee can be added to the full price.
  • What are the next steps after the down-payment?
    A contract will be sent to the email provided by the client, which will need to be signed to initiate design/painting. Please attach any photos, paint swatches, fabric or anything else that will be used to create the commission. Lighting can drastically affect photos of colors making them unreliable. Photos that are blurry or in bad lighting will cause the painting to not have as much detail as you may want.
  • Shipping
    Shipping and insurance is included in the price. The painting will be mailed out as soon as the last payment is received.
  • Late Fee
    The remainder of the balance is due upon completion of the commissioned artwork. The artist will contact the client for payment using the preferred contact method. The client has fourteen (14) days to pay the balance before being subject to a late fee. On the fifteenth (15th) day a fifty dollar ($50) late fee will be added. A twenty dollar ($20) late fee will be added for each additional seven (7) days.
  • Special Events
    I arrive at your event early to set up with an already sketched/primed canvas. This is determined on what is discussed before your event. There is a minimum 2 hours because of the time it takes to paint your piece. The final piece can be auctioned off, given away as a prize/raffle, or taken home! You decide! Includes 20"x24" canvas. $50 non-refundable deposit $200 per hour/ minimum 2 hours Extra hours will be added to total. 30 mins = $100 31+ = $200 Cash, Card, PayPal, Venmo, CashApp Accepted. Travel over 20 miles from 30022 will be calculated in final invoice due at arrival. Thank you for allowing me to paint colorfully, and creating a unique ambiance to your event!  Yo Hablo Español!
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